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It's About Time  

And the Lies I Tell Myself

I lie to myself about how much time it takes to do things. Is it a good or a bad lie? I'm not sure, but I do know that my "to do" list is still full at the end of the day. Lately, I'm coming to realize that it takes 1/3 longer to complete a task than I previously thought.

How easy, I think. I'll just whip out a chapter of a novel or throw some laundry in the washer, but then why does it take so much longer than I planned?

Since time is a manifestation of a higher power's presence in the world, there is no controlling it.
We merely surrender to the might and power that it holds over our lives.

The turning of night into day, the rolling in and out of seasons, the journeying of birth--life--death--rebirth: all are evidence of a higher power's work. Something greater than I am.

We try to keep orderly control over the passage of our days. We use our calendars, clocks, and

I-Watches as yardsticks to measure the minutes and hours and hours that go by. But we have yet to invent a device that stops time or slows it down.

When we say, "turn back the clock," we try to bring back a moment from the past. Our memories are mere glimmers of events that no longer exist, floating along in the ribbon of time that stretches far behind each step we take.