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Sacramento's Michael Brandt wins IPA Writing Award!

First Place: Short Story "Tomo Daichi"
Along with his pancakes, local author Michael Brandt is savoring a recent award for his short story, "Tomo Dachi." He is the current International Police Association (IPA)-US Section First Place Winner. The IPA is a worldwide police organization with over 50 member countries. 
"Tomo Dachi" is a World War II short story about a frail ex-marine in search of the youth stolen from him on a forgotten island in Manila Bay called “The Rock.”  Fifty years after the fall of Corregidor in 1942, he still suffers physically and mentally from the captivity he endured there. Now he must come to terms with a Japanese War Memorial Shrine on “The Rock” which states, “Tribute to the Brave Heroes,” honoring the enemy.  
When asked about what this award means to him, Michael replied, "the significance of this First Place is the recognition, to some small degree, of my writing ability and provides encouragement toward completing my 'bucket list' item of 'Writing a Book.'"     
 Congratulations, Michael, and best wishes on your future aspirations of "Writing a Book"!!